Fireplace Installation - Omaha, NE

Fireplace By Design is a full service fireplace company.

We can help you select the best fireplace for your home, provide professional installation, and perform annual cleaning and safety checkups of units purchased from us.

We offer professional fireplace installation services on the following styles of fireplaces:

Cost to Install a New Fireplace

The cost to install a new fireplace depends on which style of fireplace you select. The units we sell meet current standards of energy, efficiency, and safety requirements.

Whether you are looking for a new freestanding stove or a built-in fireplace, Fireplace By Design in Omaha can install it for you while staying within your budget. Our professionally trained technicians will help you determine which style of energy efficient fireplace your home needs, to customizing the aesthetics, to installing and maintaining the fireplace for years down the road. We are with you every step of the way.

Quality Fireplace Installations

Fireplace installation estimates are done in-house by experienced NFI Certified professionals. We work directly with you every step of the way. From design to installation and maintenance, our team of professionals are here to help. We are Omaha’s one-stop-shop for all things fireplace. Visit our showroom today to browse our 70 fireplace displays.

Bring in a picture of your current fireplace and any ideas or examples of what you might want your new fireplace to look like.

We strongly advise you to print out our measurement guide and bring it in along with a picture of your existing fireplace.

Stop by our showroom today to get started on designing a new fireplace and schedule a time for installation.