Fireplace Estimates - Omaha, NE

It’s hard enough to decide whether you need a new fireplace and want to spend the money and time to get one. However, replacing, re-facing, or installing a new fireplace can improve heating as well as the look and comfort of your home. At Fireplace By Design in Omaha, we offer a free fireplace estimate on all our makes and styles. Stop by our showroom today to learn more about our energy efficient fireplaces and get an estimate!

Our fireplaces are some of the most energy efficient fireplaces on the market today. Turn your inefficient, drafty fireplace into an efficient heater with high-efficiency inserts or add a new stove or fireplace to any room. Reliability is another factor that we take pride in. All our fireplaces work during a power outage ensuring that your home will stay warm if you experience a power outage. Our fireplaces are backed with manufacturers’ warranties. If you are looking to save on your energy bill while updating a focal point in your home, let Fireplace By Design help you out! We have over 70 fireplaces on display.

Bring in a picture of your current fireplace and any ideas or examples of what you might want your new fireplace to look like.

We strongly advise you to print out our measurement guide and bring it in along with a picture of your existing fireplace. 

Visit our showroom today and schedule a free estimate for a new fireplace installation.