Fireplace Services - Omaha, NE

Just like your car, your fireplace also needs routine maintenance. Fireplace By Design can service, repair, replace, clean or install any fireplace we sell to you. If your Omaha fireplace is in need of its annual check-up, give Fireplace By Design a call.

Fireplace By Design is a full service fireplace company. Knowledge and care are required to properly install a new fireplace make sure everything is safely functioning. Our fireplace installation estimates are done in-house by experienced NFI Certified professionals. We are Omaha’s one-stop-shop for all things fireplace! 

We offer FREE estimates on all of our fireplace installations or products. We encourage you to come and learn about the different styles, sizes, and efficiencies of our fireplace. Fireplace By Design sells a variety of fireplaces in different price ranges. Whether you are looking for a complete fireplace remodel, or a brand new fireplace, let us provide a free estimate for you.