wood stoves - Omaha, ne

Tired of a traditional fireplace? Improve any room in your home with a new wood stove installation. Wood stoves are not your grandfather’s wood stove anymore. In fact, they burn the gases that are in the smoke creating two fires that are burning inside the stove to give you high efficiency and long burn times.

Add elegance to your Omaha home with a new steel or cast iron energy-efficient wood stove from Fireplace By Design.

Efficient Wood Burning Stoves

Energy bills can be expensive, especially when you have a large area to heat. One of the most energy efficient heating sources is a wood burning stove. Wood burning stoves have renewable energy that will help eliminate those costly expenses of constantly running the furnace. Cut back on your fuel bills, sit back and listen to the crackling fire, catch a glimpse of the glowing embers, and never worry about your furnace bill.

When people think of a wood stove, they often think of an antique stove sitting in the middle of a living room, providing heat throughout the whole house. Wood stoves now have a contemporary look to them while still distributing the same amount of heat. Providing the same warmth and comfort throughout your Omaha home, a contemporary wood stove enhances any room with its old but modern look.

Wood burning stoves accentuate a clean, simple design, and energy efficient heating source for any Omaha home.

Just like a gas fireplace, wood burning stoves require proper operations and maintenance regularly. When firing up your wood stove, make sure you are using the proper fuel and the proper amount. It also needs to be cleaned annually to ensure longevity and safety. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your wood burning stove, call Fireplace By Design to clean it for you. We have been servicing and cleaning wood stoves for over 17 years. We can give you all the helpful hints that will come in handy when operating your new wood stove.

A fireplace is usually something you only purchase once so make sure you are not only getting one you like but one that is efficient and reliable to match your home heating needs. Let the professionals at Fireplace By Design step in and help you find the perfect stove for your Omaha home.

Stop by our showroom today and start saving on your furnace bill with a new wood stove.