Wood fireplaces - Omaha, ne

Bring the ambiance of the outdoors inside with the soft crackle of logs and lively flames. Wood fireplaces capture the natural beauty of a fire while providing hours of heat throughout your Omaha home’s interior while time saving you hundreds on your utility bill. Provide your Omaha home with the comfort, looks, sounds, and smells of a wood burning fireplace from Fireplace By Design. Whether it’s a remodeled fireplace, new construction fireplace, or replacement of an existing fireplace, a wood burning fireplace is the best investment you could make.

Wood Fireplace

It’s hard to customize something online, especially if you want to customize a fireplace. Online doesn’t give you the ability to feel the difference between two types of stone or the warmth of a fireplace. That’s why we encourage customers in the Omaha area to come in and browse our showroom prior to designing a new wood fireplace. Look at different styles, sizes and aesthetics each fireplace has to offer and experience the uniqueness a custom fireplace can provide.

High-Efficient Fireplace

There are two types of manufactured fireplaces; open fireplaces and high efficiency fireplaces. Open fireplaces typically range from 20% efficient to -20% efficient and are primarily sold and used as a decorative or recreational product. High efficiency or EPA fireplaces are built in zero clearance wood stoves. These fireplaces will burn 100% outside air, burning the gases that are in the smoke. They have a long burn time of up to 12 – 14 hours.

An EPA wood fireplace can provide not only warmth but also elegance to any room. EPA wood burning fireplace emissions are so low there is almost no polluting smoke. Choosing a wood fireplace opens many options. A fireplace often is a once in a lifetime purchase; don’t waste the time and money to just settle on any ordinary fireplace. Get a wood fireplace that you will want to show off.

Light your Omaha home with a new, authentic wood fireplace from Fireplace By Design. All our fireplaces are equipped to provide warmth throughout your home for many years. We work with some of the top fireplace manufacturers in the country to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best products on the market. We are Omaha’s choice company for brands like RSF, Valcourt, and Kozy Heat. Our products are backed with manufacturer’s warranties and Fireplace By Design will always service or repair your fireplace if you experience troubles along the way.

Enjoy comfort, warmth and ease of operation with a new wood burning fireplace from Fireplace By Design.

Browse our wide selection of wood burning fireplaces and stop by our showroom to get started.