Pellet Stoves - Omaha, ne

When you think of a pellet stove, perhaps you are taken back to a time in history when that’s all they used. Pellet stoves are in fact becoming an ‘alternative’ to heating an Omaha home. Many pellet stoves provide an unparalleled ambiance and traditional style offering heat throughout any home.

Heat multiple rooms throughout your Omaha home and create an inviting space with a beautifully crafted pellet stove from Fireplace By Design. Designed to provide powerful and efficient heat, a pellet stove is the best heating option for your home.

Freestanding Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a good option as a supplemental heat source. They can be a freestanding stove, fireplace insert, or furnace add-on. A freestanding stove is the most popular type of pellet stove.

Freestanding pellet stoves have a forced air exhaust so only a small vent on the side of the home is required to allow the exhaust to escape. Some models of freestanding pellet stoves are fuel specific to pellets only while others are multi-fuel and can burn either corn or pellets.

All our pellet stoves have the ability to heat an Omaha home entirely and come equipped with a thermostat and adjustable heat output. We offer a variety of high quality pellet stove styles from a classic look to contemporary. Fireplace By Design is Omaha’s local retailer for Enerzone pellet stoves.

Save on your utility bill with a new pellet stove from Fireplace By Design. We have heard many success stories of local Omaha homeowners cutting back on their utility bills just by using a pellet stove rather than a central heating unit.

For more information on Enerzone freestanding pellet stoves, stop by Fireplace By Design. We have over 70 fireplaces on display and will assist you in finding the right pellet stove to heat your Omaha home.