Gas Inserts - Omaha, ne

Tired of having to fetch firewood to start a fire? With a gas insert installed by the professionals at Fireplace By Design in Omaha, starting a warm fire on a chilly autumn evening or a cold winter night will be easier than ever.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you already have an existing fireplace, whether it is gas or wood burning, a gas insert can be installed. Fireplace By Design works with some of the best gas fireplace manufacturers to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best of the best. With brands and models sold exclusive to Fireplace By Design, you are sure to find a style of gas fireplace insert to match your Omaha home’s interior.

When it comes to maintenance on a new gas fireplace insert, there isn’t much you have to do. When our professional gas insert installation team installs your fireplace insert, they install a direct vent allowing exhaust to go straight up the chimney and another for combustion air to escape. They also install a new cap with the system to ensure everything will operate properly for years to come. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning the glass, and checking regularly that the chimney draw and combustion vents are open and working properly, can be done by the homeowner themselves.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Efficiency

Gas fireplace inserts are one of the most efficient fireplaces you could have. With the ability to quickly turn on and heat up a house for hours, gas inserts are the way to go to cut back on your furnace bill.

Direct vent gas inserts are designed to fit into your existing wood burning fireplace. By installing a gas insert, you will stop cold air from coming into the fireplace, which when in use is up to 86% efficient.

Below are just a few benefits of a new, efficient gas insert from Fireplace By Design in Omaha:

  • Furnace rated appliance
  • Thermostat and remote compatible
  • Work in a power outage
  • Flames and heat output are adjustable
  • Turns your existing fireplace into an efficient heater
  • Variety of styles from classic to contemporary

Breathe cleaner air with a new gas insert installed into your existing fireplace. Gas inserts require little to no maintenance and they don’t require you to go out to get wood to start a fire. Save on your furnace bill in the winter with a new efficient gas insert from Fireplace By Design in Omaha.

Shopping for a gas insert? Help us help YOU find the perfect gas fireplace insert. Please print our measurement guide, take a picture of your existing fireplace, and stop in. One of our experts will show you your options and help you decide on the perfect gas fireplace for your home.

Stop by our showroom today to see the different styles of gas inserts we have to offer. Our professionals will help you find the perfect gas fireplace insert to have installed into your existing fireplace.