fireplace Doors - Omaha, ne

Fireplace doors don’t just add beauty and elegance to your fireplace; they also help keep your home’s interior heat from escaping out the chimney. They help your fireplace burn more efficiently, helping you save on your monthly utility bill. Fireplace By Design in Omaha can help you find the safest, most efficient fireplace door for your home.

Along with keeping heat inside your home, fireplace doors also provide protection from sparks and logs from rolling out. Protect your family with a new, safe, and reliable fireplace door.

Styles of Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Since your fireplace is a major focal point of your home, the doors are often chosen as a design element but their uses are not limited to that. Originally, glass doors were created so you could go to bed before the fire had died out without letting all the heat escape out your chimney. When shopping for glass fireplace doors, it is important that you know whether your fireplace is a manufactured or a true masonry fireplace.

Decorative fireplace doors are becoming the latest trend. Since your fireplace is the focal point of the room, make it stand out with custom, quality fireplace doors

Different styles of fireplace doors available include:

  • Rectangle fireplace doors
  • Glass fireplace doors
  • Arch fireplace doors
  • Iron fireplace doors
  • Scenic fireplace doors
  • Zero clearance fireplace doors
  • Screen fireplace doors
  • Custom fireplace doors

Don’t let outdated, foggy, broken fireplace doors make your fireplace the focal point’s eyesore. Let Fireplace By Design help you pick the right new door for your Omaha home’s fireplace.

Shopping for new fireplace doors? Help us help YOU! Print out our measurement guide, take a picture of your existing fireplace doors and bring it in. One of our experts will help you find the perfect new fireplace doors for your home.

Show off your fireplace with affordable, new fireplace doors from Fireplace By Design.