Chimney Venting - Omaha, NE

Chimney venting systems are a huge aspect to any fireplace along with your home’s primary heating system as they carry heat, smoke, and dangerous gases out of your home. A chimney vent is something that all Omaha homes need as it is an integral part of efficiently maintaining your fireplace and heating system. If your current chimney vent is damaged or not functioning properly, give Fireplace By Design a call. We have been servicing chimneys for over 17 years and are happy to assist you in making sure your home is allowing gases, smoke, and heat to escape safely.

Chimney or venting is specific to each type of stove or fireplace. Often, a homeowner doesn’t even think about this aspect of a fireplace when deciding on having a new fireplace or stove installed. A wood stove requires a chimney rated at 2,100 degrees whereas a direct vent system is used on fireplaces and inserts. A direct vent pipe is typically a coaxial two wall pipe that allows flue gases to exhaust through the inner pipe and combustion air to enter from the outside between the inner and outer wall.

It is important to know which type of chimney or vent your fireplace requires. Don’t be left with improper ventilation causing your Omaha home to potentially be filled with dangerous gases or smoke.

For all your chimney venting questions, contact Fireplace By Design. We will help keep you and your family safe from heat, smoke, and dangerous gases by making sure they properly exhaust from your Omaha home.

Want more information about the chimney brand we use? Visit the Amerivent site to find out more.