“Ventless” Fireplace Products

“Ventless” Fireplace Products: Efficient Heat at What Price? With today’s modern construction of nearly airtight homes, indoor air quality is an even larger issue than in past times. “Vent-Free” or “Ventless” gas logs, stoves and fireplaces are a very controversial subject. They aren’t 100% ventLESS or ventFREE, they basically vent into your home. Debates among […]

Preparing Your Firewood Supply

Burning wet wood is one of the top obstacles to enjoying a pleasant, efficient wood fire. The proper moisture content of your fuel wood should be about 20 percent through proper seasoning. Your wood heater cannot produce high efficiencies and low emissions without this. Burning wet wood is wasteful and problematic, not to mention a […]

Wood Insert Liner

What Is a Wood Insert and Why Do I Need A Liner? A wood insert is basically a high efficient wood stove reconfigured to fit into an existing wood burning fireplace. Most wood burning fireplaces are either true masonry with brick chimneys with or without clay flue tile lining or factory built metal fireboxes with […]

Today’s Wood Stove

Today’s Wood Stove – High Efficiency & User Friendly A wood stove means different things to different people. Some think of it as ambiance – a romantic setting with the warm glow of the flame. Some make a hobby of cutting and tending the wood with the added benefit of healthy exercise. Still others view […]