We created these measurement guides for your convenience. Print and fill out the measurement guide for your existing fireplace to help us quickly identify which products will fit your needs. This will save you time when you visit our showroom with over 70 units on display.

It isn’t required, but it would help us get a complete view of your fireplace, take the following three pictures of your fireplace (cell phone pictures will do)

  1. The front of the fireplace, including both the hearth and the mantel
  2. The ceiling inside the fireplace
  3. The top of your chimney (from the ground)

There are two common types of fireplaces. We’ll refer to the first as a true masonry fireplace. They are built entirely of brick or stone. These are primarialy found in homes built before the 1970’s. The second type is a manufactured fireplace.  They are built of metal, but may have decorative brick inside. They quickly gained popularity after their introduction in the 1970’s.

True Masonry Fireplace

  • Common in houses built before the 1970’s
  • Made mostly of brick or stone
  • Wide variety of chimney configurations

Manufactured Fireplace

  • Common in houses built after the 1970’s
  • Made of metal
  • May contain decorative brick
  • Often have round chimney pipe