Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplaces

What is a wood burning insert?
A wood burning insert is basically a wood stove designed to insert into your existing masonary fireplace to make it efficient. A liner is also part of the system. For more information, see our article, What Is a Wood Insert and Why Do I Need A Liner?

What is a direct vent gas insert?
A direct vent gas insert is a high efficiency direct vent fireplace that is designed to fit into your existing wood burning fireplace to make it efficient. There are two flex liners that go up the existing chimney with a new cap specific to the system. One liner pipe brings in combustion air. The other is exhaust.

Can I use an existing chimney for a new wood stove?
Sometimes. The chimney cannot be used by any other appliances; it must be dedicated to the stove. The chimney should be approved for use with a wood stove if it is a masonry chimney: it is best to add a stainless steel liner.

How much does it cost to run my gas fireplace?
Based on gas prices, Oct 2010 a 30,000 BTU gas fireplace will use about $0.18 per hour.

How much propane (LP gas) will my LP stove or fireplace use?
A 30,000 BTU unit will use about 1 gallon in 3 hours.